The Embassy of Lebanon in Washington, DC is exploring a breadth of initiatives to help Lebanese exporters in the productive sectors gain access to the US market. As the Embassy works to adapt to the new normal in the era of COVID-19, we have identified some new and innovative initiatives that would give exporters a foothold in the US market. Particularly in the aftermath of the devastating Beirut port explosion and the ongoing financial crisis, boosting Lebanon’s exports is critical now more than ever.

With that in mind, the Embassy recognizes that the agri-food industry is one of Lebanon’s strongest manufacturing sub-sectors with very high added-value potential. In 2018, the agri- food sector was the largest contributor to Lebanon’s industrial sector output, accounting for 38% of industrial output and generating 2.9% of the country’s GDP.

The US is a promising market for Lebanese food and beverage products full of potential. However, very few Lebanese businesses have thus far successfully penetrated the market due to a variety of reasons, such as compliance issues, high competition, lack of information on the market, distribution accessibility, and an overall lack of connections.

It is in this spirit, and in collaboration with Orbit Exhibitions, that the Embassy of Lebanon in Washington, DC presents the Premier Virtual Exhibition of Lebanese Food and Beverages in the US, an online event which aims to inform and connect buyers with the latest food and beverage products in Lebanon. The success of this virtual exhibition is guaranteed by the participation of innovative food and beverage products in Lebanon, key industry speakers shedding light on strategies and best practices to overcome the current US market barriers facing Lebanese exporters, and the participation of dozens of exhibitors and hundreds of attendees.

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