Transfer of Body

In order to transfer the body of a deceased person to Lebanon, kindly send the following:

  1. Original death certificate
  2. Burial Transit Permit
  3. Letter of non-contagious diseases issued by an authorized health institution
  4. Letter of embalming
  5. Letter of sealed casket
  6. Original passport of the deceased
  7. Lebanese I.D. (Tathkarat al-hawiya or Ikhraj Kaid) of the deceased
  8. No fee is required
  9. Self-addressed stamped envelope 

Please note that you need to fill out an application form related to the registration of death (check registration of vital events section) in order to register the death at the Lebanese Vital Records Registry.

For further information, please contact  Mr. Rami Fayad at: (202) 939-6309 or Mrs. Soukaiba Araji at: (202) 939-6300 ext. 1200.