Urgent Announcement for all Lebanese Residing in the United States who Already Registered in order to Vote in the Lebanese Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The Embassy of Lebanon in the United States of America and the affiliated Consulates General in Detroit, Los Angeles and New York are calling again on the Lebanese citizens living in the US who already registered to vote in the Lebanese upcoming parliamentary elections 2013 to visit the official website of the General Directorate of Personal Status at www.dgps.gov.lb between February 10th, 2013 and March 10th, 2013 to make sure that their record and information are correct the way they figure on the electoral rolls.

Therefore we ask all interested persons who found any incorrect information in their electoral rolls (i.e. omission of their entry or error in their names/ date of birth, etc… or for any other reason) to submit a request to the Embassy or Consulate General concerned before March 10, 2013 in order to correct that error.