Urgent Reminder Regarding the Registration for the Lebanese Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

Dear Lebanese Citizens in the USA,
The Embassy of Lebanon in the United States and the affiliated Consulates General in Detroit, Los Angeles and New York are calling again on the Lebanese citizens (holders of Lebanese citizenship) living in the US to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held in the spring 2013 by registering at the closest Lebanese Diplomatic Mission (Embassy in Washington D.C. or any Consulate General) the soonest possible as the deadline for registration is December 31st, 2012. Please note that those who don’t register will not be eligible to cast their votes in the United States. For detailed information regarding the registration process and documents related, you can check the respective websites of either the Embassy in Washington DC at www.lebanonembassyus.org or the Lebanese Consulate General in Detroit at www.lebconsdet.org, or the Lebanese Consulate General in Los Angeles at www.lebanonconsulatela.org, or the Lebanese Consulate General in New York at www.lebconsny.org according to your jurisdiction (please click on jurisdiction to find out your geographic jurisdiction).