Citizens of the USA and some other nationalilties have the option to obtain their visas instantly at the airport in Beirut without applying through the Embassy. Click here for information on Visas obtained upon arrival to Lebanon.


Requirements to Obtain a Visa from the Embassy

Please send the following documents to the consulate in your Jurisdiction.

  • A Visa Application form should be filled out.
  • One valid Passport
  • A copy of applicant's Permanent Residency Card for non-U.S. citizens
  • Photocopies of the passport pages containing the full name, photo, passport #, issue date, and expiry date (one copy of each page)
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • An address in Lebanon is necessary
  • One certified self-addressed, stamped envelope. (USPS Only)
  • A money order (no cash or checks accepted) payable to the Embassy of Lebanon in the amount of:
    • $35.00 single entry per person
    • $70.00 multiple entries per person
  • For minors, a Parental Consent Form* from both parents allowing their dependents to travel to Lebanon is required
  • For house keepers, the following documents are needed as well:
    • Valid Passport of the House Keeper.
    • US valid visa.
    • A letter from the employer (affidavit of support).
    • Proof of health insurance coverage.

Diplomatic/ Official

  • One valid Passport
  • Official letter explaining the nature of the mission

Fill out an application form*
N.B.: This is a courtesy visa

Palestinian Refugees: Visa
Effective January 16, 1999, Palestinians holding a Lebanese travel document do not need a visa to travel in and out of Lebanon.