Corona Virus Outbreak

Attention all travelers going to Lebanon from the US:

Updated Procedures for Passengers Arriving in Lebanon Starting January 11, 2021 according to Circular 1/2 dated January 6, 2021 and Circular 2/2 dated January 8, 2021

With reference to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers’ decision dated January 5, 2021:

  1. All airlines shall reduce the number of daily arriving passengers to Lebanon to 20% of the number of passengers who arrived to Lebanon during January 2020.
  2. All passengers arriving to Lebanon, except for children under 12 years old, must perform a PCR test in a lab certified by the countries’ local authorities and to present that test at their airline check-in counters. There should be no more than 96 hours from the time you received your test result to the time of your arrival in Lebanon.

Passengers who do not have a negative PCR test result will not be allowed to board their flight to Lebanon.


  1. All Passengers arriving to Lebanon must complete the medical form issued by Lebanese Ministry of Public Health before departing to Lebanon. This form is available electronically through the following link
  1. All passengers arriving to Lebanon, except for children under the age of 12, UNIFIL, and members of diplomatic delegations acting in Lebanon, must perform a PCR test upon their arrival in Beirut. All airlines shall collect $50 USD for every passenger who wishes to travel to Lebanon, which is the cost of the PCR test or other medical diagnostic measures that every passenger shall undergo upon arrival in Beirut.
  1. All passengers arriving in Lebanon shall have a prepaid hotel booking for 48 hours from a list of hotels designated by the Ministry of Tourism with discounted rates, click here to check the list

After arriving in Lebanon, hotel buses will transport passengers from the airport to the hotels where they shall remain quarantined for a period of 48 hours until the result of the PCR test conducted at the airport is issued.


– If the test result was negative, travelers may move to their places of residence, where they will be required to self-quarantine for a period of 5 more days, after which they will be required to perform another PCR test in one of the labs, authorized by the Ministry of Public Health at their own expense.

– If the test result was positive, passengers shall follow the instructions provided to them by the Ministry of Public Health.



– Diplomats and their families, officials, official delegations, officers, and members of UNIFIL are exempted from the hotel quarantine.

– Passengers who have been vaccinated by a COVID-19 vaccine and who are in possession of a medical report certifying their vaccination are exempt from the hotel quarantine. As a precautionary measure at this time, they are not exempt from the PCR test requirements.

– Passengers who travelled out of Lebanon and will return within one week are exempt from the PCR test requirement in their countries of departure; however, they must still undergo a PCR test upon their arrival at the airport and must undergo home quarantine until they are informed of their test result.

– Cabin crews arriving to Lebanon for a period of no more than 48 hours are exempted from doing PCR test upon arrival at the airport, and they shall remain quarantined in one of the mentioned hotels throughout their stay in Lebanon.


All relevant previous circulars are considered cancelled and all airlines shall comply with this circular starting on January 11, 2021. Airlines not in compliance with these guidelines will be fined

Our office hours have changed due to he COVID-19 pandemic. Offices will be closed at 3:00 p.m. All visits to the Embassy should be scheduled by appointment. Kindly send an email to the respective office.

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