Dear Lebanese Citizens in the USA,

It gives me great honor to serve as Ambassador of Lebanon to the United States. Having occupied previous diplomatic posts in this great country, this prestigious assignment is very meaningful to me personally.

Based on a great degree of shared values and on a long history of cooperation and friendship, the relationship between Lebanon and the United States has been very close. The Americans of Lebanese descent have contributed immensely in strengthening these ties by actively participating in all aspects of American life, thus promoting the mutual interests of our two great nations.

Lebanon and its brave army who acted heroically in the face of terrorism share the same human and civic values as the United States that are based on fighting extremism, rejecting fanaticism and sectarianism and protecting democracy, human rights, the freedom of expression, and public liberties.

My country has faced many years of turmoil and suffering, which I don’t believe to be justified. The Lebanese people have again demonstrated their undying commitment to independence and sovereignty. They have also shown their adherence to the principles of democracy by demonstrating their consensus, moderation, and diversity. After a long awaited election, the Lebanese elected their new President-General Michel Sleiman-whom I am honored to represent.

As a democratically elected president whose mandate is anchored in strong consensus, President Sleiman has demonstrated his commitment to defend the interests of Lebanon, to maintain its sovereignty, and to achieve political, economic, and administrative reforms.

The government of Lebanon realizes that the support of the international community is paramount to achieving these goals and it has shown that it will exert all efforts to implement the Paris III provisions. The United States has been instrumental and generous towards this end, and its support comes in full harmony with our willingness and efforts to rebuild Lebanon. This support, along with American financial and economic assistance, is important in helping us achieve our goal of a prosperous and stable Lebanon. However, Lebanon believes that sustainable prosperity and stability can only be attained if and when Israel withdraws from the occupied Shebaa Farms, ceases its violation of Lebanese waters and air space, cooperates fully with the United Nations to help clear the mines and cluster bombs it dropped on our land, and fully implements United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701.

Lebanon looks forward to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East as expressed in the Beirut-Arab Peace initiative of 2002 which addressed the needs of all parties involved. In this regard, Lebanon remains committed to the charter of the United Nations and our observance to all its resolutions are due to our firm commitment to the International Law based on the principles of justice and right.

While serving as Ambassador I intend to make our Embassy in Washington and consulates in New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles a home away from home. All channels of communication will be open to the Lebanese living in the United States, to the Americans, and to all our friends.

President Michel Sleiman, the Lebanese Government and people aspire to strengthen the existing ties between our two countries and look forward to developing the historical relationship between the United States and Lebanon. During my tenure as Ambassador of Lebanon to the United States, I shall spare no effort to achieve these goals.

—Antoine Chedid
Ambassador of Lebanon to the United States of America