Correspondence with the Head of Mission and invitations to the Embassy: Tel: (202)939-6320; e-mail:

Passports and Travel Documents (Lebanese citizen and Palestinian Refugees): (202)939-6301;

Registration of Vital Records – Official Translations / letter of change of student’s legal status:
Tel: (202) 939-6314; e-mail:

Power of Attorney / Wikalat
Tel: (202) 939-6318; e-mail:

Legalization of documents – Transfer of Body – Request for reacquisition of the Lebanese citizenship –Request for acquisition of the Lebanese citizenship by marriage –  ikhraj kayd request (civil status extract or bulletin) – birth certificate request – criminal record report request –  renunciation of Lebanese citizenship Tel: (202) 939-6301; e-mail:

Visas and other inquiries: Tel: (202)939-6312; e-mail:

 Tel: (202) 939-6307; e-mail:


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