Request for reacquisition of the Lebanese Citizenship for individuals who are of Lebanese descent.


Mr. Rami Fayad

Tel: (202) 939-6309


Applications are now open for the Reacquisition of the Lebanese Citizenship. Click here

Before mailing any document to the Embassy, and for further information, Please contact directly Mr. Rami FAYAD at (202) 939 6300 ext:1208 or

Renunciation of Lebanese Citizenship

 Prior to starting a new renunciation of Lebanese Citizenship request, Applicants are required to check the Jurisdiction guidelines in order to verify whether their state of residence falls under the Lebanese Embassy’s jurisdiction (Washington D.C), or under its affiliated Consulates General ( Los Angeles, Detroit or New York ).


The following steps may be completed by mailor in person at the embassy

      notarized affidavit clearly mentioning the full nameplace and date of birthLebanese passport number and US passport number of the applicant requesting the renunciation. Please include the reason for the renunciation in the affidavit. For a sample, click here.

      The original Lebanese Passport + the Lebanese ID or extract of individual/family civil registration  اخراج قيد عائلي او  افرادي .

      A notarized copy of applicant’s US Passport.

      Money order/cashier check in the amount of $ 350.00 payable to the Embassy of Lebanon.

      A letter from the U.S. Authorities/ organization stating the reason for the renunciation of the applicant’s Lebanese citizenship.

      One large empty, stamped, self-addressed envelope from USPS or FedEx.  Note: The Embassy of Lebanon is not responsible for clients’ return mail, applicants are advised to keep a copy of the return envelope’s tracking numbers.(in person applicants are exempt from this step ).

      Full address and telephone number of the applicant.

Upon the fulfillment of the noted requirements, the renunciation request will be sent to the corresponding authorities in Lebanon to be finalized. The process may take up to 1 year to be complete. Furthermore, a letter proving that the renunciation request is in process will be provided to the applicant.


For further information, Please contact directly Mr. Rami Fayad by Phone: (202) 939-6309 or E-Mail:



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